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My debit card has been lost or stolen

For lost or stolen debit cards please call 325-754-4505 during business hours. 


After hours please call 844-202-5333


How can I open an account?

You can open your new account with Victory Bank in person or over the phone. Online account opening will be available by mid 2024.

How do I Iog into my bank account?

For existing accounts, you can sign into your banking account through our online banking system here. For issues or questions regarding your account, please contact a client representative. Never share your private banking information over the phone or email. We will never ask for your PIN, social security number, or password.

How can I replace my card?

If your card has been lost or stolen, immediately contact a banking representative at 325-754-4505. We can support you in taking the next steps to replace your card and monitor your account for fraudulent activity. 

How do I reorder checks?

The fastest way to reorder checks is through online banking. You can also contact our team to place your order.

How can I update my phone number, address, or email address?

Update your information through online banking or contact our team to speak with a client representative.

Are there any fees associated with my bank accounts?

You can contact a client representative to learn more or request a fee schedule.

My debit card has been lost or stolen

For lost or stolen debit cards please call 325-754-4505 during business hours. 


After hours please call 844-202-5333

Avoid clicking suspicious links

If an email pressures you to click a link—whether it’s to verify your login credentials or make a payment, you can be sure it’s a scam. Victory Bank will never ask you to do that. Before you click, hover over the link to reveal where it really leads. When in doubt, call us directly or visit our website by typing directly into your browser.

Bankers are professionals

We will never use scare tactics, threats, or high-pressure language to get you to act quickly. Scammers will. Demands for urgent action should put you on high alert. Never reply to an email with personal information like your password, PIN, or social security number.

Approach emails with skepticism

Treat incoming emails as a potential risk to protect yourself from scams. Fraudulent emails can appear convincing, using official language and logos and even similar URLs. Victory Bank will never send attachments like a PDF in an unexpected email. Misspellings and poor grammar are also warning signs of a phishing scam.

Scammers can spoof caller ID

Scammers can make any number or name appear on your caller ID. Even if your phone shows it’s us calling, it could be anyone. Never share sensitive information like your bank password, PIN, or a one-time login code with someone who calls you unexpectedly—even if they say they’re from your bank. Victory Bank may verify personal information IF you call us. We don't when we call you. If you're in doubt, stay safe by ending unexpected calls and dialing the number on the back of your bank card instead.

Double-check texts or calls about payment apps

Payment app scams often start with a phone call or text. If you get an unexpected call, hang up. If you get an unexpected text, delete it. Even when they seem legitimate, you should always verify by calling us or the payment app’s customer service number.

Be smart about how you use payment apps

Don’t send money to someone you don’t know or have never met in person. These payment apps are just like handing cash to someone. Scammers rely on creating a sense of urgency to get you to act without thinking. They might claim your account is in danger of being closed or threaten you with legal action. These high-pressure tactics are red flags of a scam—Victory Bank will never use them.

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